Are you a grief victim or grief survivor?

Being a victim is a state of mind-dictated by others.
A survivor dictates their own state of mind.

A victim - fears the moments of grief.
A survivor- welcomes those moments !

A victim knows about feeling down and tries to stay up.
A Survivor knows feeling down is okay.

A victim tries hard to hide the tears.
A survivor never leaves home without kleenex.

A victim struggles to maintain a state of normalcy.
A survivor knows normal no Longer exists.

A victim gets caught in isolation.
A survivor reaches out when they need to.

A victim is afraid they in time will forget.
A survivor knows they never will.!!

A victim sometimes feels guilty laughing.
A survivor laughs through their tears.

A victim tries at times to block out the memories.
A survivor embraces memories of all kinds.

A victim wants someone to cure their grief.
A survivor just wants someone to share their journey.

A victim struggles to get over their grief.
A survivor fights to get through it.

A victim tries to get on with their life.
A survivor lives their life knowing nothing will ever be the

A victim says oh I'm okay- then secretly cries.
A survivor openly cries- and says I'm okay.

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