Benjamin Arthur Simone
March 29, 1975 – October 10, 1997

No Boundaries

Ben, what beautiful, beautiful years. There are no words that could do Ben justice and no way to express our thoughts in a few short paragraphs. But Ben, he had no boundaries. Everything he did was to the max. His smile. He always hated it, but we all know it lit a room. It showcased his charisma, especially as it met his sparkling eyes and ruby red cheeks. He stole the show. One glance and any fool could see that he was something special – a rare find. We believe that he was chosen before he was even born to be one of God’s angels. It’s there in the first picture ever taken of him and can be seen in every picture there after – that something very special.

He had an uncanny ability to reach out and touch people at their soul. In sickness and sorrow he brought a calm. People of all ages flocked to him and he reached out and touched each one in his special way.

No boundaries. His curiosity never ended. He wanted to know and experience everything. Sometimes, we could not understand why he felt he needed to do some of the things he did or take all of his journeys. But, we know now, they served him well. Some people could say that Ben was robbed that he did not have a chance to live his life. But that is just not true. He did and explored more than many have done in a long life time – foreign countries, all parts of the U.S., people, cultures, music, animals. He had no prejudices. He invited everything in and if it did not come at his invitation, he went looking for it on his own. Constantly physically or spiritually hiking or climbing.

No boundaries. Sometimes we would catch Ben contemplating alone, keeping things inside. He seemed unsettled that the whole world was not giving the same 100% he was each and every day. There was not a moment he did not seize. But it was those moments of ponderance, that always got to us. It reminded us that there was a place in Ben that no one could touch or understand that was hidden far behind those wondrous charcoal eyes. A place that belonged to only God, nature and himself. We were jealous we could not follow. But Ben, he could break those boundaries.

He made life beautiful and each one of us are better because he was here. We love him, thank him and will fill that now empty place in our hearts with each beautiful memory he helped create. There are no words to describe Ben and how special he was. But we are happy that he finally has no boundaries. We love you.

Love Mom & Dad Simone and Loving Sister Dawn Figueroa

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