Love me tomorrow as you do today
Vicky Love for her Son Sean

A child was born one summer’s day
Full of spirit and a will to stay.
A heart full of love to share
For anyone who dared to care
To take the chance to say
"I’ll love you tomorrow as well as today".

Through life’s ups and downs that he would endure
His heart of gold remained pure.
For he was content to live
And offer others his love to give.
But there was no miracle cure
For all those surgeries that he would have to endure.

A smile that stretched from ear to ear
Sean was determined to live year after year.
The joy he brought to everyone’s life
Will always surpass any amount of strife.
For Sean held life so dear
As he struggled to live year after year.

Nineteen years have come and past
And the day did come when he was called home at last.
Our hearts are sad and heavy laden
With the pain and grief of a loved one taken.
Our grief and loss on God we cast
And we know that Sean is home at last.

For God made a promise to us all
That on deaf ears there would never fall
A prayer unanswered or a cry unheard
As we offered them to Heaven, for He gave us His word.
For now Sean is happy and gay
In the new body he received today.

If he was here I know what he would say
"Love me tomorrow as you do today.
Remember that I haven’t traveled far,
As I’m the twinkle in every bright star.
And in your heart I will always stay.
I’ll be there tomorrow as I am today."

"Now family and friends heed what I say,
I haven’t died or moved away.
I live on in heaven above
Basking in the warmth of God’s wondrous love
Where there’s no more illness and no more pain
And there I’ll stay until we meet again."

"So remember when you start to cry
I am not dead, I did not die.
As long as you continue to share
The joy and love I planted there
I’ll live on in all you say and do
And in all good deeds you’ll see me too."

"I’m closer now than ever before
As you love me tomorrow like never before.
Remember that you have nothing to fear
As forevermore I’ll always be near
For I’m only a memory away
As you love me tomorrow as you do today."

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