After Death Communications
Led by Judy Guggenheim
( Co-author " Hello From Heaven" a study of after death communications.)

In preparing material for their book, she and her former husband interviewed 2-5 thousand people who reported actually having one or more of twelve different types of communications. They feel very certain from their research that the body may die but the spirit "lives" on. They feel the mind / spirit disassociates from or leaves the body during time of horrendous emotion or physical trauma. Death is the greatest of these. They have been lead to believe without a doubt that we can still talk to our loved ones and they still hear us and may choose to respond back to us. Souls seem to thrive on our talking to them or praying for them. If we trust and are open to communications "from heaven", our deceased loved ones can communicate with us. They are more open to do so if we are open to receive their messages. Many times they will communicate with us during our time of extreme emotional need. It can be immediately after death, in some cases before the living person knows the loved one has died, or several years later. Some times the loved one will contact a third person with a message for the survivors. We do not know why some of our dead loved ones do not contact their surviving loved ones. These communications are comforting, positive experiences which seem to ease the grief process.

Other books on after death communications are:-

"Love Beyond Life"
By Romanowski-

"After Death Communications"
By Dr. Le Grande-

"Building a Bridge to the Unknown"
By John Edwards.

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