Forgiveness, the Last Hurdle of Grief
Dr. Clark

Forgiveness is a tool to help us find hope. Forgiveness does not mean we excuse, forget, say its OK, or even that we understand. Forgiveness allows you to reach peace of mind.A sin of one person against another is also a sin against God. Similar to the secular "paying a debt to society", we accept the need to get God’s forgiveness but do not see the same need for us to forgive others. It is important to understand that giving forgiveness does not necessarily cause change we expect to see in the forgiven. However, refusing to forgive can kill us. It may help to remember that we too make mistakes.Disease and evil persons are free to hurt us and that freedom furthers the chance we will be hurt. But, forgiveness is a journey towards hope. It is important to "let the facts be known" and let the system exact the consequences. This is using anger for something constructive.There is no answer why, but you can answer "How will I deal with this?" Faith, Courage, and Grit takes you places knowledge cannot take you. They can help you forgive.

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